CIM (Construction Information Modeling/Management) has advocated by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in 2012 in purpose of enlargement of existing BIM(Building Information Modeling)to civil engineering.

We would like to distribute CIM to the people who do not know about CIM and i-Construction, as well as help members who want to solve problems at the construction field, optimizing constructing result, shortening delivery date and cost reduction by utilizing CIM.

I will appreciate your further guidance and support.


CIM Solution Workshop

Representative Board of Directors GAKUICHI SAITO



Name General Incorporated Association CIM Solution Workshop
Establishment 6th April, 2015
Organization Representative Board of Directors: GAKUICHI SAITO (President of Manabu Sokken Co. Ltd., Yutaka Kogyo Co. Ltd.)

Board of Directors: TAIZO YAMAMOTO (President of ADDDESIGN Co. Ltd.)

Board of Directors: MASAMI IMAZEKI (AKTIO Corporation)

Adviser: TOSHIMASA AMAMOTO (Ex- Assistant Vice-Minister, Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of Construction)

Adviser: SEIGO OGATA (General Incorporated Foundation Advanced Construction Technology Center)

Adviser: TERUO YAMADA (President, ZnO Lab Co. Ltd.)

Activities 1) Consulting utilizing CIM information technology to members.

2) Investigation and research in connection with CIM information technology.

3) Collecting information, research and investigation about new computing CAD technology in connection with CIM information technology.

4) Planning, Producing and Sale of Publication of CIM.

5) Education and Counseling for human resource.

6) Planning of workshop, meet and greet of members, lecture, symposium, seminar and exhibition.

7) Information exchange and cooperation to related governmental resources and institutions.

8) Any other necessary activities to obtain our goals.